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Why We Need Corporate Digital Forensics Now More Than Ever

Did you know that modern forensics dates back to the 1800s?

Fast forward to today, and forensics has been revolutionized by technological advances. In addition to fingerprints and DNA, we now have smartphone records and other digital elements that can be used as evidence within a court of law. While digital forensics is new within the grand scheme, a corporate digital forensics industry can’t be ignored.

Are you wondering why it’s so important? Keep reading to learn all about why we need corporate digital forensics now more than ever.

What Does Digital Forensics Involve?

There are several types of digital forensics, including those relating to smartphones and laptops. If it’s an electronic device of some kind, then chances are information can be obtained from it. A single photo on a smartphone can reveal plenty of information, such as the date, the time, and even the exact location where the photo was taken.

Laptop and desktop computers have records that relate to browser history, deleted files, time logs, and so much more. The wealth of information a forensic expert can get from a device is almost unlimited. Even a device damaged by fire or water can often have valuable data still hidden inside of it.

Once a forensic expert gets the information, then it’s possible for them to testify in a court of law. This can end up making a world of difference in the results of a given case.

Aside from court matters, there are many different situations in which a digital forensic expert can help. For instance, there may have been a deliberate or accidental disclosure of sensitive data. It’d be important to get to the truth of this matter so you can act accordingly.

Other situations include employee internet misuse or abuse, intellectual property theft, data breaches, and even industrial espionage. Don’t forget about the range of white-collar crimes that happen on a regular basis, such as embezzlement, Ponzi schemes, and many others.

Third-Party Digital Forensics Is Essential

Did you know that an attack by hackers occurs every 39 seconds? Many people and businesses assume it will never happen to them. The truth is, almost anyone can turn into a target at the drop of a hat, including small and large businesses.

By investing in third-party digital forensics, you can gather evidence that you’ll need for insurance claims. It may even come in handy in a court of law.

By learning what went wrong, businesses can also protect themselves more effectively in the future. The good news is that you don’t have to wait for a cyberattack to occur to prevent cybercriminals. Instead, you can schedule a digital forensics consultation and get priceless advice.

This can help you reinforce your business from the ground up.

These kinds of services are essential because they provide every business with valuable tools and knowledge. That way, you won’t always have to rely on the police for everything.

Plus, you can see results much more quickly instead of waiting around for the authorities to handle whatever issues have cropped up. It’ll also go a long way towards freeing up the police’s time.

Some people prefer not to get the authorities involved at all. In this situation, a corporate digital forensic expert can allow you to handle delicate matters in a way that works best for you and your needs. This includes finding out if your competitors are spying on your activities, whether your employees are getting harassed online, and so much more.

The Importance of Digital Forensic Accreditation and Experience

Whether you want to resolve cyberattacks or ensure that there are no glaring holes in your security, it’s a good rule of thumb to seek out a digital forensic provider that has both accreditation and experience. The last thing you’d want is for an inexperienced team to meddle in your electronic devices and gain access to your sensitive data. Having an amateur do the job could end up making a bigger mess of things.

Instead, you should always research various companies before enlisting them for help. One way you can narrow down your list of potential providers is by seeing what past clients have said about them on review sites. You can get an even more reliable impression when you ask for a recent referral and speak with someone on the phone.

Referrals allow you to ask a range of crucial questions while also getting a much better idea of what to expect from a given company. Since digital forensics is fairly new in the grand scheme of things, many providers won’t have the necessary experience. However, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best, such as the services offered by Sytech Digital Forensics.

Sytech can even provide you with an experienced expert witness who can provide valuable testimony in a court of law. You can’t find services like this just anywhere. If you try to cut corners and get digital forensic results from a provider that doesn’t have accreditation, then the evidence may not hold up in court.

Are You Ready for the Future of Digital Forensics?

Now that you’ve learned all about why we need corporate digital forensics more than ever, you can make sure you seek out the services of a third party with proper accreditation and experience. That way, you can rest easy, knowing that you’re in good hands.

We can provide you with various reliable digital forensics and cyber solutions. These include everything from computer and mobile phone forensics to penetration testing and incident response. Our clients know they can always count on our attentive expertise.

Please contact us for a free digital forensic consultation. We look forward to assisting you.