Mobile Phone Forensics

Mobile Phone Forensics: Protecting Privacy and Safeguarding Digital Evidence

Mobile phone forensics is vital in a case as the digital evidence that is discovered by our team may be the difference between winning or losing a case. Digital evidence in a mobile phone may be information stored or transmitted in binary form that may be relied on in court. Having an experienced team of mobile forensic experts on your side to protect your privacy and safeguard digital evidence could be the support and strength you need to succeed in the completion of the case you’re involved in.

Our role at SYTECH is to extract and analyse evidential material from mobile handsets. Due to technological advances transforming telephones into computers for your pocket over the recent years, mobiles are how many people browse the internet, access apps, communicate via texts, messages and emails, as well as make and receive phone calls.

If mobile phones are being used as digital evidence towards a case, a mobile phone forensic examination can often reveal crucial evidence for criminal or civil investigations. Because most members of the public now use a mobile phone and carry it with them throughout the day, there is likely to be as much evidence via a mobile phone as a desktop computer.

Continue reading this article to discover what our experts can recover and examine while protecting privacy and safeguarding digital evidence.

Protecting Privacy and Safeguarding Digital Evidence

Because we have the skills and expertise to protect your privacy and safeguard digital evidence, you know you’ll be in safe hands with our team. The information we could find on a device has the potential to be quite sensitive, personal and difficult to process, therefore it’s crucial that you have that all-important discretion and support throughout the proceedings.

Our team of digital forensic experts have the skills to often uncover and examine:

  • Deleted text messages
  • Call logs
  • Social media activity
  • Internet activity
  • Documents
  • Maps & GPS location
  • Emails
  • Images

With specialist skillsets, such as recovering deleted media and messaging, mobile phone forensics often reveal more of the mystery than you might imagine. From this, you can discover important details about relationships, intentions and actions.

Privacy and security during this process are essential, and due to our thorough understanding of this matter, we can investigate a device for you with the utmost professionalism.

Protecting Privacy and Safeguarding

The average person collects a lot of information and media on their mobile device, and your communication with other people can also give our forensic team important and private information such as home addresses or even banking details – these will all be protected during the investigation.

Mobile phone devices leave a digital footprint by storing various kinds of information and data. With our expertise, even altered or deleted files can be detected – even a device with fire or water damage can still contain salvageable evidence inside.

While uncovering this data isn’t easy, our skilled and experienced mobile forensic experts will collect sources of data such as:

  • Deleted and hidden files
  • Media
  • Time logs
  • Metadata
  • Internet history
  • Call logs

Our specialists will then use forensic tools and techniques to secure and examine specific data without altering the source, maintaining its admissibility before presenting and discussing the findings with you.

Regarding the protection of your privacy, it’s vital for us to keep your data safe to ensure complete trust throughout the process. The right privacy protection can provide the thorough security you need to ensure that you feel safe during our forensic investigations from start to finish.

With SYTECH, you’ll gain the helping hand of our dedicated and experienced consultants who can take you through our findings with sheer professionalism.

Why Choose SYTECH for your Mobile Phone Forensics

Here at SYTECH, our experienced and knowledgeable team offers digital forensic services tailored to your individual needs and requirements. And not only are we 27001 & 14001 certified and hold FSR codes of practice and conduct accreditations, but we are also a UKAS accredited testing laboratory: No. 8765 (refer to UKAS website for accredited activities).

The security of your mobile phone forensics and information is at the top of our priority list, and the analysts who assist in police investigations are all security vetted to NPPV Level3. Our power is our strategy, experience, expertise and most importantly, our people. As a company, we nurture the culture of respect and understanding, which helps us go the extra mile when helping our clients with their individual requirements.

We have over forty years of successful outcomes for many prosecution and defence cases, and our team is made up of experienced expert witnesses who are here to help you find the answers to your questions.

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