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SYTECH achieves 14001 certification

The team at SYTECH are please to announce we have now achieved certification of ISO/IEC 14001:2015 as part of our dedicated commitment to enhancing our social and environmental value. This further adds to our wide existing portfolio of accreditation which includes:

– Forensic Science Regulator Codes of Practice and Conduct
– ISO/IEC 17025:2017 
– ISO/IEC 27001:2013
– Cyber Essentials Plus

The environmental management standard provides an international framework to assist organisations in minimising their impact on the environment, and complying with environmental laws and regulations. At SYTECH, we are continually looking to drive improvement into the lifecycle of our processes, and 14001 certification reflects our commitment to sustainability. It also validates the best practises we implement to create more efficient and sustainable operations. 


Free CPD Session – Forensic Examination of Virtual Disks

Introducing Lunchtime CPD Sessions

We are pleased to announce that on the 18th May 2021, SYTECH will be providing a FREE webinar covering “Forensic Examination of Virtual Disks”

The session will be delivered by our resident “Tech-Wizz” and Head of Training and Development, Stephen Fisher-Davies, and we plan for it to be both informative and insightful for technical and non-technical staff alike.

Stephen will be providing examples, showing the impact of not looking into virtual disks properly, as well as giving anecdotal case examples where these methods were used to ‘crack a case’.

The session will last just under an hour, starting at 12pm, with an open Q&A at the end. No power point at all, with the entire session being a hands on practical example, accompanied by demos of various virtual environments, how they are set up, what they could contain and how we advise you to tackle analysing their contents in the software we all in Digital Forensic Units use day to day.

Where possible, we will be showing how this can be undertaken with free widely available tools, and will showcase some of the methods which have become part of our day to day at SYTECH

This event is restricted to Law Enforcement & Government Agencies only but watch this space for future planned events


To request an invite, please email “events@sytech-consultants.com” with your full name, position and organisation.

SYTECH now offer Audio and Video Forensics

In addition to traditional mobile and computer digital forensics, SYTECH offer a broad range of digital audio and video forensics.

All work is performed by vetted, expert analysts, field-leading in their expertise and fully equipped to deliver evidence in court. SYTECH ensure that data integrity and security is a priority and only validated methods will be used.


Our team can perform authentication, enhancement, and transcription of audio recordings from devices/formats such as:

  • Mobile phone calls
  • Call Centre recordings (for example, from telesales or insurance companies)
  • 999 call recordings
  • Mobile phone recordings (for example using iPhone Voice Memos)
  • Dictaphone recordings
  • Portable recorders
  • Body Worn Camera recordings
  • CCTV camera audio
  • Undercover recordings


We can enhance, authenticate and perform analysis of all types of digital photos, including, but not limited to:

  • Stills from CCTV video recordings
  • Mobile phone photos (from all models, including iPhone,
    Samsung, Nokia)
  • Stills from Body Worn Camera video recordings (for
    example those worn by Police or Bailiffs)
  • Stills from Body Worn Camera video recordings (for
    example those worn by Police or Bailiffs)
  • Social media photos
  • Photos taken with a digital camera


We can perform video forensics of all video recordings, regardless of the capture method or format, including:

  • CCTV video recordings
  • Mobile phone video recordings (from all models, including
    iPhone, Samsung, Nokia)
  • Body Worn Camera video recordings (for example those worn
    by Police or Bailiffs)
  • Social media video recordings
  • Vehicle Dash Camera video recordings

Our team of analysts can also assist with data recovery, complex repair, and forensic imaging of CCTV drives.


Please get in touch for a no obligation quote, or to request more information



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