SYTECH Further Expand Accreditation

SYTECH Digital Forensics is proud to announce further expansion of its ISO17025 accreditation portfolio. This follows ratification of additional laboratory resources for mobile equipment forensics at our Cauldon Locks site.

This extension builds upon SYTECH’s five UK sites already accredited to ISO17025 and expands SYTECH’s capacity in the digital forensics’ market space.

Since ISO17025 became applicable to digital forensics in 2016, SYTECH has striven to develop the extensive accreditation portfolio it now maintains, which includes FSR Codes, Cyber Essentials Plus & 27001 accreditation. Over this period and across the organisation, SYTECH has committed to constant UKAS assessment, currently on nineteen separate occasions. This includes initial accreditations, extensions-to-scope, annual surveillances, and a four-year recertification audit.

The rewards in the perpetual assessment strategy are evident in the resultant way that ISO17025 has become ingrained in the company’s culture and ethos.

SYTECH’s in-depth knowledge and understanding, of ISO17025 and the accreditation process, can be accessed commercially by others seeking support to efficiently unlock the rewards and benefits that accreditation can deliver.

SYTECH recognises that persistent pursuit of quality accreditation is only achieved through the hard work and dedication of our staff, who work diligently to attain and maintain standards and high levels of customer satisfaction.

For the latest accreditation, and all those preceding, SYTECH offers sincere thanks and appreciation to staff, past and present, for their commitment to making SYTECH a quality led organisation.

Daren Greener
SYTECH Digital Forensics