Relevant Acts of Parliament

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The following non exhaustive list of Parliamentary Acts all bear relevance (directly/indirectly) within the field of IT Forensic Investigation and the delivery of Expert Witness services.They are provided for reference under permission of HMSO.

For a full listing of all UK Parliament Acts (88-01) visit the HMSO Website – Parliaments Acts Page

Arbitration Act 1996 (c. 23)

Civil Evidence (Scotland) Act 1988 (c.32)

Civil Evidence Act 1995 (c.38)

Computer Misuse Act 1990 (c.18)

Contracts (Applicable Law) Act 1990 (c.36)

Contracts (Rights of Thir_blank_blank_blankd Parties) Act 1999 (c.31)

Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988 (c.48)

Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 (c.41)

Criminal Defence Service (Advice and Assistance) Act 2001 c.4

Criminal Evidence (Amendment) Act 1997 (c. 17)

Criminal Justice Act 1988 (c.33)

Criminal Justice Act 1991 (c.53)

Criminal Justice Act 1993 (c.36)

Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 c.16

Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000 (c.43)

Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996 (c. 25)

Data Protection Act 1998 (c. 29)

Electronic Communications Act 2000 (c.7)

Employment Act 1988 (c.19)

Employment Rights Act 1996 (c. 18)

Employment Rights (Dispute Resolution) Act 1998 (c. 8)

Magistrates’ Courts (Procedure) Act 1998 (c. 15)

Malicious Communications Act 1988 (c.27)

Legal Aid Act 1988 (c.34)

Police Act 1997 (c. 50)

Police and Magistrates’ Courts Act 1994 (c.29)

Protection of Children Act 1999 (c.14)

Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994 (c.35)

Sale of Goods (Amendment) Act 1994 (c.32)

Sale of Goods (Amendment) Act 1995 (c.28)

Sexual Offences (Conspiracy and Incitement) Act 1996 (c. 29)

Sexual Offences (Protected Material) Act 1997 (c. 39)

Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 2000 (c.44)

Sex Offenders Act 1997 (c. 51)

Telecommunications (Fraud) Act 1997 (c. 4)

Trade Marks Act 1994 (c.26)

Video Recordings Act 1993 (c.24)

Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999 (c.23)

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