Computer Disputes

© Copyright F. E. Taylor 2002

12 Page Document Focusing on 3 main areas of dispute;
1: Contract Terms; 2: Systems Functionality; 3: Systems Performance;

Summary Extract


Any form of dispute between persons or groups of persons representing themselves or a corporate body necessarily involves two or more parties holding a very different viewpoint on some issue which becomes the subject of contention. Can I immediately qualify this chapter by saying that it is restricted to disputes involving computer systems, services and personnel. It does not attempt to cover disputes where computers are implicitly involved because they form part of a path along which evidence has flowed, as is the case in mobile telephone systems, or they are simply a tool which has been used as a means of perpetrating a crime not specifically computer related. To give an example of the latter the Equity Funding Case in the United States approximately twenty years ago involved creating insurance policies for fictitious lives. Although these were stored on a computer, computer professionals would not regard this as a specific computer dispute. It was in fact an insurance industry dispute.

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