Courtesy of Colby Hauser, CID PAO/US Army Mark Johnson, a digital forensic examiner with the Computer Crimes Investigative Unit (CCIU) at Quantico, Va., pulls digital information off of a confiscated hard drive for further examination. Courtesy of Colby Hauser, CID PAO/US Army

No other environment within the modern era has evolved as rapidly and as exponentially as the Internet. Traversing this virtual jungle, a global community of users takes advantage of almost unlimited access to news, information and services by the simple click of a mouse or a tap on a Smartphone. In today’s digital age time waits for no one, unfortunately neither does crime.

Throughout the world legions of cyber predators hunt, stalk, plot and attack unsuspecting systems, networks and users in an effort to advance their criminal enterprise. And yet another apex predator inhabits this world, the US Army Criminal Investigation Command’s (CID) Computer Crimes Investigative Unit (CCIU), turning the tables on those would-be predators to where the hunters now have become the hunted.

CCIU is the US Army’s sole entity for conducting worldwide criminal investigations of computer intrusions and related national security threats affecting US Army computers, networks, data and personnel,” said Special Agent Daniel Andrews, the director of CCIU. “Intruders range from non-malicious hackers to those intent upon disrupting a network or website, to foreign intelligence probes, so that makes our mission extremely important not just for CID, but the United States Army.”

US Army Computer Crimes Detectives Deliver Digital Justice | DFI News.

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