Courtesy of SANS Institute via Fast CoExist The future of cybersecurity is 48 square feet wide.Courtesy of SANS Institute via Fast CoExist

The Sans Institute was founded in 1989, and currently leads information-security training for military, government, and civilian officials — sessions that tend to specialize, these days, in digital forensics and network penetration testing. For the past few years, SANS has been running computer simulation training games (the aptly named “NetWars”) for members of the military. But those simulations, officials realized, were insufficient to prepare people for the threats we face — because cybersecurity, its name notwithstanding, doesn’t merely concern cyber-environments. Our physical infrastructures — our streetlights and power grids and airports and hospitals — are also connected to, and reliant on, computer networks. Which means that, in a predictable yet fairly horrible twist, our cities themselves are vulnerable to cyberattacks.

So SANS, to account for all that, built a new model, this one intended to capture the “kinetic effects” of cyber warfare — and meant to emphasize the connection between invisible data and physical destruction. And the game that SANS built, CyberCity, is equal parts hilarious and terrifying: a modified model-train town, 6 feet by 8 feet in width, constructed — hilariously, terrifyingly — with parts from a local hobby shop. The game that is trying to prepare the powerful for impending cyberwarfare is currently, Fast CoExistreports, “sitting in an office in New Jersey.”

The Future of Cybersecurity Could Be Sitting in an Office in New Jersey | DFI News.

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