ShutterstockCybercrime is big business. And it is growing in scope and impact.

But what may not be obvious to the casual observer is that cybercrime is growing in its magnitude and sophistication because of two key factors: the consumerization of crimeware, and the adoption of time-tested business processes to enhance the profitability of crime syndicates worldwide.

The disturbing trend in cybercrime is the “enterprise-class” approach crime syndicates take to grow their businesses. Today’s syndicates employ hierarchies of participants with roles that mirror the executive suite, middle management and the rank and file. The executive suite oversees strategy and operations that initiate nefarious acts. Recruiters identify “infantry” that carry out large-scale attack schemes on a permanent hire or outsource (affiliate) basis. They also create and hand-out malware and mold reward programs to pay affiliates once successful attacks are carried out.

The Big Business of Cybercrime | DFI News.

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