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ShutterstockLocal crimefighters have a new tool to solve crimes, and it was funded by local donations.

The Digital Forensics Lab at the Ludington, Mich., Police Department serves both the LPD and the Mason County Sheriff’s Office, giving both agencies quicker access to vital digital evidence right in their backyard. The idea for such a lab had been in Ludington Police Chief Mark Barnett’s mind for a while when he bumped into a man named Stephen Marx at a Friday Night Live event. Marx mentioned he had been a contract digital forensics examiner with the Drug Enforcement Administration.

“We knew we needed some abilities because of the increased presence of digital evidence,” Barnett said.

Det. Mike Kenney of the Mason County Sheriff’s Office has been working on digital evidence since 2009.

Combating Crime with Computers | DFI News.

shutterstockWhen a cellphone is reported stolen in New York, the Police Department routinely subpoenas the phone’s call records, from the day of the theft onward. The logic is simple: If a thief uses the phone, a list of incoming and outgoing calls could lead to the suspect.

But in the process, the Police Department has quietly amassed a trove of telephone logs, all obtained without a court order, that could conceivably be used for any investigative purpose.

The call records from the stolen cellphones are integrated into a database known as the Enterprise Case Management System, according to Police Department documents from the detective bureau. Each phone number is hyperlinked, enabling detectives to cross-reference it against phone numbers in other files.

NYC Police Amassing Trove of Cellphone Logs | DFI News.