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SYTECH - Nokia Lumia 900 - JTAG

JTAG Examinations – Samsung Galaxy, HTC 8S, Nokia Lumia 520, 900 and many more – Examined on a weekly basis to provide essential case data for many ongoing investigations

At SYTECH we’re asked on a weekly basis to extract both live and deleted data from handsets which aren’t supported via conventional forensic methods or to bypass Mobile Phone Handsets inbuilt security (PIN, Password, Pattern etc).

One of the methods we use for such an extraction to gain access to this case essential data held within the handset is by that of a JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) dump.

This process involves the handset being connected to directly through its internal Printed Circuit Board (PCB) to allow a full physical “dump” of its internal memory chip.

This data is then carved and all recoverable user data is presented to the Investigating Officer in a clear and easy to understand manner.


SYTECH - Nokia Lumia 900 - JTAG
SYTECH – Nokia Lumia 900 – JTAG


SYTECH - Nokia Lumia 520 - JTAG
SYTECH – Nokia Lumia 520 – JTAG
The “Forensic Elastic Band” often comes in handy to keep the device in place during the extraction.


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