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Digital Forensics – Microsoft announces new partnerships to combat cybercrime

MS - working in digital forensics

A few months ago, Microsoft opened up a new complex in its Redmond, Wash., campus designed to fight cybercrime activities across the world. This week, the company held its first annual Cybercrime Enforcement Summit, where it signed memorandums of understanding with three organizations that should help expand its efforts in this area.

Microsoft’s press release states that one of the three groups is Europol, the official law enforcement agency for the European Union. Another group is the Organization of American States, which gathers all 34 nations from North and South America to discuss various matters, including security. The third group is FIS, the world’s largest banking and payment technology company, which provides its services to over 14,000 banks and financial institutions.

Microsoft states, “The agreements establish a framework for cooperation and are intended to spur collaboration and help Microsoft work with each of the three organizations to pursue criminal enterprises engaged in cybercrime.” The company recently cooperated with law enforcement authorities in an effort to shut down the ZeroAccess criminal botnet; Microsoft has been going after such botnets for the past few years.

This week’s Cybercrime Enforcement Summit was attended by over 60 experts on this subject, according to Microsoft, who were able to share both technical and legal ideas to fight online criminal activities.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

Microsoft announces new partnerships to combat cybercrime – Neowin.

Digital Forensic Services provided by SYTECH to Greater Manchester Police – Assist in the Convictions of Dale Cregan & Others

Digital Forensic Services provided by SYTECH Assist in the Convictions of Dale Cregan & Others


On Thursday 13th June 2013 at Preston Crown Court, Dale CREGAN, Anthony WILKINSON, Luke LIVESY, Damien GORMAN and Jermaine WARD were all found guilty of their respective involvement in the brutal murders of father and son Dave and Mark Short during separate incidents in the Manchester area in 2012.  A further offender, Mohammad Ali was also convicted for his part in assisting CREGAN and others.


The scale of the investigation against Dale CREGAN, who also claimed the lives of serving Manchester Police Officers Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes, was both voluminous and complex. The investigations involved a much larger number of other suspects and witnesses that added to the overall enormity of the task


Throughout, SYTECH assisted Greater Manchester Police with Telecommunications (Cell-Site Analysis & ‘Chip-off’ handset examinations) and Digital Data (Sat-Nav and Computer) investigations, analytics and ultimately the presentation of vital evidence during the trial proceedings. Sytech’s specialist consultants (Simon Lang and Daren Greener) provided courtroom testimony on four separate occasions during the 18 week trial at Preston Crown Court


In respect of the individual murders of David (Snr) and Mark (Jnr) Short, CREGAN had recruited differing associates to assist in each staged attack.  This again extended the complexity of the required communications analysis and data management that would ultimately determine those involved and their level of co-operation either in assisting CREGAN directly in each murder or in his protracted attempts to evade capture.


SYTECH assisted GMP with several lines of enquiry including the following items:

  • Affirming the attribution of mobile phones to suspects/defendants and identifying the transfer of particular mobile phone devices between those individuals.
  • Using mobile phone evidence to prove the level of association between suspects and defendants.
  • Comprehensive application of Cell-Site-Analysis for the historic tracking and assessment of movement, location and convergence of individuals over several months.
  • Discovering the movement of other family member’s pre and post incidents fearing retribution, which demonstrated the premeditated and organised nature of the killings of Mark and David Short.
  • Demonstrating the relevance and uniqueness in the periods of radio silence around the time of incidents.
  • Extensive recovery and detailed analysis of GPS data to show precise movements of individuals who assisted CREGAN


The jury at Preston Crown Court heard hours of evidence over several days relating to the collated telecommunications traffic, which prosecutors say proved the links between CREGAN and others who assisted in the pub shooting of Mark Short, and the shooting and grenade attack of David Short in his home.


The evidence aired in court, was only a fraction of the data painstakingly collected, analysed and managed by SYTECH in close partnership with Greater Manchester Police.