SYTECH Procurement – Quotation Request – Digital Forensic Tools

 Quotation  Request 10 Software Licences for a Digital Forensic Evidence Finder
 Reference No. G4GSYT 002
 Statement of  Requirements 10 Software Licences for a Digital Forensic Evidence finder
To supply 10 software licences with at least the following features:

  • To support the recovery of hundreds of digital forensic artifacts from computers, smartphones and tablets
  • To enable the recovery of at least 55 types of business application and Windows operating system artifacts from computers, including corporate email artifacts, instant messaging artifacts, document artifacts and OS artifacts
  • Availability of upgrades as part of annual licencing

Your quote must be for a fixed price per tool which will be valid for 90 days from 22/05/2017. This will allow for staggered purchases within this period to be made at the same price.

 Award Criteria

Quotations will be assessed on the basis of Price and Quality Mix (Most Economically Advantageous Tender)

500 marks are available in total:

125 marks price
375 marks for upgrade licencing

The total MEAT Score is arrived at by adding the Price score to the Quality score

 Closing  Date/Time 22nd May 2017 at 12:00 (Midday)
Quotations received after the deadline will not be considered
 Contact Details Simon Lang
Phone Number: 01782 286300
The purchase of the Forensic Tools is subject to securing funding from the European Regional Development Fund.


 Supplier  Response Please submit completed quotations to: