Dale Cregan, front left, and the nine men accused with him sit in the dock flanked by security officers
Dale Cregan, front left, and the nine men accused with him sit in the dock flanked by security officers

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The jury is sent home for the day after prosecutor Nicholas Clarke QC says he is not able to present more evidence today

The judge, Mr Justice Holroyde, notes sarcastically that the jury are struggling to conceal their disappointment.

He tells the jury they will not be required on Tuesday as there are legal matters which the barristers must address in their absence, adding further they may not even be required on Wednesday.

The jury is sent home and the trial adjourned until Wednesday at the earliest.


Mohammed Imran Ali, said to be known to his friends as Irish Immie, knew full well that Dale Cregan, Anthony Wilkinson and Jermaine Ward had murdered David Short, according to the Crown.
He ensured they were able to evade the police and leave the Manchester area and he supplied them with essentials that they needed to maintain themselves, according to the prosecution.


The Garmin sat nav device then heads south and is back at Gainsborough Avenue in Oldham at 11.59pm.

The following day the device remains switched off, as it does on August 12,13 and 14, says Mr Lang.

However, he refers to a mobile phone which the Crown say is attributed to Mr Ali, telling the court, using cell-site analysis, it is plotted heading from near his home address to Bradford and Leeds city centre on August 11, the day after the gun-and-grenade attack in which Mr Short was killed.

The sat nav device is turned on again in August 15 when it is plotted again heading towards Bradford and then to Leeds around noon, the court is told.

During this journey into Yorkshire the device is plotted at the White Rose pub and at a McDonald’s drive-through restaurant in Leeds and at the Silver Birch Carvery south of Bradford, the jurors are told.


At 7.15pm the sat nav system leaves the motorway and turns up the A640 where the device is switched off, the court is told.It is switched on again at 8.06pm when it is plotted just south of Bradford, says Mr Lang.

Then the device appears to turn round and heads back towards Manchester, returning to Gainsborough Avenue in Oldham, according to the witness.

At 8.40pm the sat nav system is on the move again and heads north and arrives at the Waggon and Horses pub in the village of Hawkshaw, north of Bury and Bolton, the court is told.

It remains there for two hours and 35 minutes, says Mr Lang.


The sat nav device was plotted at Gainsborough Avenue in the early evening of August 10, the jury was told.

Later it moved to Press To Impress on Lord Lane in Failsworth.The Crown say this was where Mr Ali picked up the men accused of murdering David Short before taking them to Bradford.

The device arrived at the premises at 6.32pm, remained there for four minutes and then moved off heading north west, the jurors heard.

It was at nearby Mona Road for a few minutes before heading off towards the M62 and then towards Yorkshire, the court heard.



Mr Lang started his evidence by explaining his area of expertise was examining sat nav systems or anything with a microchip in it.

He told the jury he found 207 recoverable journey entries which plotted 59, 956 points on a map during his examination of the sat nav system associated with Mr Ali.


The jury is now hearing evidence from Simon Lang, an expert in examining satellite navigation systems.

He was asked to examine a Garmin sat nav system associated with the defendant Mohammed Imran Ali.

Mr Ali is said to have transported Dale Cregan, Anthony Wilkinson and Jermaine Ward from Failsowrth to Bradford in his VW Passat after the murder of David Short.

Mr Ali, 23, from Chadderton, denies one charge of assisting an offender.


The judge, Mr Justice Holroyde, starts by addressing one juror who has sent a note to him asking about a reference on one of the documents they have received which suggested a Mr Webb was a defendant.

The judge makes it clear this was an error. Mr Webb was named earlier in the trial as a man who hired the Salford Van Hire van used in the murder of David Short.

The judge reminds all jurors they must try the defendants before them in the dock and must not speculate about other people named during the case.


The wigs are gathering in court one. The jury is due shortly for day 23 of the trial.

As it happened: Dale Cregan trial – day 23 – Manchester Evening News.

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