SYTECH Assisted Case – Forensic Telecommunications & JTAG Examination – “Man jailed for life for Bolton man’s ‘vicious’ murder”

Carl Hodgkiss was found guilty for the murder of Marc Jepson in March last year 2014.

SYTECH were tasked with producing an evidential Report which detailed the examination of mobile phone communications data and the application of Cell-Site & Communications Analysis in review of such data which was essential to the Investigation.

An advanced JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) Handset examination was performed on a Samsung  Galaxy S4 (Samsung GT-i9505 ) in order to recover deleted data which would assist the Investigation.


BBC News – Man jailed for life for Bolton man’s ‘vicious’ murder

“A man has been jailed for life for murdering a man in a “vicious attack”.

Marc Jepson, 40, was found dead in his house on Kildare Street in Bolton, on 5 March. A post-mortem examination showed he died as a result of asphyxiation.

Carl Hodgkiss, 28, of Elton Avenue, Farnworth, was found guilty of murder, at Manchester Crown Court. He was ordered to serve at least 14 years.

Hodgkiss admitted killing Mr Jepson but denied murder, claiming he had acted in self defence.

At about 15:40 GMT on 5 March, a friend noticed Mr Jepson’s front door was open and went to investigate.

She then discovered his body in the living room, Greater Manchester Police said.

‘Sustained’ attack
After a figure was spotted on CCTV going into Mr Jepson’s house and then seen heading towards Hodgkiss’ aunt Irene’s house on Firwood Avenue, police went to interview the pair.

During the interview, Ms Hodgkiss said she had been upset at the way Mr Jepson had been treating a relative of hers.

Police said she asked Hodgkiss to “go and sort Marc out, give him a couple of slaps”.

Hodgkiss told his aunt he had left Mr Jepson nursing a sore head, when in fact he had murdered him.

Senior investigating officer Duncan Thorpe said Mr Jepson suffered a “sustained and vicious attack”, in which he was also beaten and stabbed.

Irene Hodgkiss, 63, of Firwood Avenue, Farnworth, was found guilty of conspiracy to commit actual bodily harm will be sentenced on 9 January.”