Courtesy of Kapersky Lab
                                                                            Courtesy of Kapersky Lab

As the value of bitcoins skyrockets, security researchers have discovered yet another piece of malware that harnesses the processing power of compromised PCs to mint the digital currency.

Scammers spreading malware on Skype are taking a nefarious approach to mine Bitcoins. Malicious code hijacks a computer’s resources, according to Kaspersky Lab. While the bitcoin-miner.exe malware harnesses only the CPU resources, which are much slower than GPUs in BTC mining, the attackers have the benefit of infecting many computers and then chaining them together to mint the digital currency. Unlike legitimate miners, the criminals don’t have to pay the purchase price of the hardware or pay for the electricity to run them.

Spiking Bitcoins Minted by Skype Malware | DFI News.

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