ShutterstockWhen smartphone users upload files to cloud-based services, remnants of those files often remain on their handheld device, even if the data is meant to be stored only in the cloud, researchers have found.

The consequence is that hackers could potentially access files stored in the cloud, or get access to cloud accounts, using leftover data stored on your Android device, iPhone or other smartphone.

“That smartphones can essentially remember deleted information poses a huge risk to organizations that issue smartphones to employees and to organizations that don##Q##t explicitly disable the use of personal devices for work-related computing,” says Pravin Kothari, founder and CEO of CipherCloud, a maker of cloud encryption software.

The tracing of leftover data on smartphones is not for the layperson, Kothari says, but could be looked at as the modern-day equivalent of Dumpster-diving for personal information.

Smartphone File Traces Sent to the Cloud | DFI News.

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