Phone & Mobile Device Examination for Private Individuals

Today’s mobile devices contain an invaluable wealth of data – all forensically accessible

Smart phones

Mobile devices, whether iPhone, iPad or any of the Android equivalents, are made up of countless components and data-holding areas. From something as simple as recovering information or passwords to more in-depth examinations, we use industry-leading forensic processes to help you obtain the information held on it.
The same goes for the associated SIM cards and memory cards – all of this can be examined and documented for you, quickly and simply.

Digital information which we can extract includes:

  • General device information and settings
  • Phone Information
  • Call Logs
  • Text Messages (SMS – Short Message Service)
  • Picture Messages (MMS – Multimedia Messaging Service)
  • Contacts with Photos
  • Custom phonebook field labels
  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • Pictures & Images
  • Camera Recordings (Still & Video)
  • Audio Recordings
  • Music
  • Video
  • Email
  • Web History
  • Bookmarks
  • Cookies
  • YouTube
  • Internet Data
  • Applications
  • Google Maps
  • Google Talk
  • Voicemail
  • Passwords
  • User Settings
  • User Property Lists
  • Speed Dials
  • GPS (Locations & Satellite Navigation)
  • File System Data
  • 3rd Party Applications Settings
  • Office Documents
  • WiFi
  • Paired Wi-Fi networks list with their geo position
  • Paired Bluetooth devices list
  • Skype calls, chats and SMS messages history
  • Skype address book
  • User dictionary

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