Bitcoin Wallet Recovery for Private Individuals

Bitcoin Forensics


Bitcoins are an increasingly valuable commodity – their high profile in the media recently has raised awareness of their value, and as such they are becoming increasingly attractive to thieves.

We have moved wholesale into Bitcoin: offering data recovery services to salvage coins from damaged hard drives, mobile phones and other storage mediums. SYTECH is accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for its services, and offering a 5% discount to any client who pays in Bitcoin.

We have also developed an industry-leading world-first stolen Bitcoin tracing and recovery service; using decades of digital forensics expertise to trace online Bitcoin criminals and recove stolen Bitcoin for our clients.

Our Bitcoin retrieval service is offered across the board – to individuals, companies and businesses around the globe in instances where you need Bitcoin recovered from damaged hard drives, memory cards and mobile phones. We back our service with years of experience and offer fast turnaround when you need us most.

As the diversity of offerings and liquidity of the global Bitcoin ecosystem continues to grow, it will not be surprising to see this as an area of growing interest to crime – so don’t hesitate to ask us to help safeguard yours. We offer an assessment of your digital security so that together we can pre-empt the hackers or thieves to ensure that your hard-mined Bitcoins are never in danger. We can assess your level of vulnerability and plug any gaps in your security for you before they are exploited by would-be thieves. We can also inform you of the best and latest forms of secure storage for your Bitcoin Wallet.

Contact us and we’ll be very happy to provide further details.