Roger Moore's fake <strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'>CCTV</strong> picture. Pic: Devon and Cornwall Police” src=”” /></p>
<p class=A Plymouth motorist faked CCTV footage of his vehicle to evade a speeding conviction.

Roger Moore, 44, of Stentaway Road, Plymstock, was found out when photography experts decided shadows in his video were incorrect for the time of year, Plymouth Crown Court heard.

Moore admitted intending to perverting the course of justice.

He was given a 16-week jail sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to pay £2,000 costs.

‘Extraordinary lengths’

Prosecutors said Moore was caught doing 51mph in a 40mph zone on Billacombe Road, Plymstock, on 22 February 2011 in a rented car.

He denied this, saying he was not driving the car because he had already collected his own vehicle.

He blamed staff at a nearby garage for driving the car, saying they had a vendetta against him.

As part of a speeding case which came to court last July 2011, he provided CCTV footage from a system at his home showing him and his Mitsubishi, date-stamped with the time he was said to have been speeding.

However, police experts noticed the shadows in Moore’s driveway on the CCTV were too long for February.

Prosecutors said police analysts found the CCTV was created five months later as “the shadows cast across his drive equated with July 2011 rather than February 2011”.

Sentencing, Judge Paul Darlow said Moore “went to extraordinary lengths” to avoid the £60 fine and three penalty points if convicted of a speeding offence.

Speaking after sentencing, the Crown Prosecution Service said it was “thanks to the diligence of the police investigators” that the footage was “subsequently proven to be false”.

BBC News – Plymouth driver faked CCTV to avoid speeding fine.

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