The effects of Hurricane Sandywhich hit the US Northeast Coast in late October, are still being felt months after the event. Now Microsoft has launched a new and free mobile app for Windows Phone, iOS and Android platforms that is designed to assist others who are affected by these kinds of natural disasters.

The app is called HelpBridge, and Microsoft says it was designed to be “disaster-agnostic” so that it could be used for many situations rather than just one specific event. One of its features allows users who are either in the middle of a disaster such as a hurricane or an earthquake to set up a list of family or friends who can be contacted quickly.

The app also allows anyone to donate money or goods to charitable organizations after such an event has occurred and to find groups on the ground that they can join for more direct assistance. Finally, it lets people who need help after a disaster to quickly message others asking for assistance.

Microsoft naturally used its own Windows Azure services to serve as the backend for HelpBridge. The company has also partnered with organizations such as Mobile Giving Foundation, VolunteerMatch, Aidmatrix and Network for Good in the development of HelpBridge.

Microsoft’s new HelpBridge mobile app assists people when disaster strikes.

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