Every so often you come across a crazy tech-related story, and this one involves a guy who managed to get his stolen iPhone back by seducing the thief via online dating service OKCupid. Nadav Nirenberg accidentally left his iPhone 4 in a taxi on New Year’s Eve in New York City, and later he discovered that said phone was being used because OKCupid began to send him alerts as the thief began to message girls.

So what did he do to get his phone back? Well he created a fake girl profile on the dating service of course! According to the New York Post, Nirenberg used alluring photos of a woman on the fake profile to seduce the thief, which then eventually resulted in a date at the “girl’s” house. Apparently the thief was still using a photo of Nirenberg on the service, and to get the thief to believe he was a girl, Nirenberg used “lots of winks and smiley faces” in his messages.

While the thief was ready for a date with the sexy girl, wielding a bottle of wine, Nirenberg was there with a hammer to ruin his night. The date lasted 20 seconds, Nirenberg handed over $20 to securely get his phone back, and the thief walked away undoubtedly embarrassed.

Man seduces thief to get back his stolen iPhone.

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