The Court Service is an executive agency of the Lord Chancellor’s Department, which has its own website. This covers policy, legislation and the Magistrates’ courts.

Parliament Publications
UK Home Office – Select Committee: Issues of mobile phone evidence
Daren Greener (Sytech).
Information Commissioner. Responsible for the Data Protection & Freedom of Information Acts.
Smith Bernal operates worldwide and is part of the largest international court reporting and litigation support group.
Resources for UK case law on-line, provides relevant and accessible information on some 44,900 cases.
The definitive source of full text judgments on the Internet.
Data Protection Search.
Sitefinder was set up as a result of recommendations of the Stewart Report to the Government in 2000. It is a voluntary scheme under which mobile network operators make information available on the location and operating characteristics of individual base stations, so that people who wish to inform themselves about this can do so.
Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries