Courtesy of Aurich Lawson/Thinkstock
                                      Courtesy of Aurich Lawson/Thinkstock

It’s a good thing for the rest of us that so few criminals are truly “masterminds”—and thus end up so easy to find. Case in point: the FBI‘s arrest, of an alleged sextortionist named Karen “Gary” Kazaryan in California.

First, let’s be clear on the charges. According to the FBI, the 27-year-old spent huge amounts of time breaking in to email and social networking accounts — usually Facebook — and then scouring them for sexually provocative photos. If found, the photos were then used to approach the account holders and blackmail them into making further displays, usually over Skype, to the watching hacker. If they didn’t comply, the original photos might be posted to their Facebook page.

So how did the FBI find Kazaryan? Well — pretty easily. They simply asked Facebook.

Internet Criminals: Dumb at Hiding Their Tracks | DFI News.

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