Google quite frequently offers up cash to those who can find security holes in its software, and if you are headed to Pwnium this year, you can walk away with a serious amount of cash.

Google is offering up $3.14159 million to anyone able to hack the Chrome OS. Now, they will not be giving this amount to one individual but will be offering up a piece of that Pi to anyone who can find and exploit a flaw in Chrome OS via a web page.

Google will be giving out $110,000 for each temporary compromise or $150,000 for each compromise that is able to survive a reboot of the machine. One stipulation is that the flaw must be executed on a Samsung 550 Chromebook that is using a WiFi connection

For Google, while this may sound expensive, it’s actually a cheap way to have someone else do your security work and find holes before they are uncovered in the wild and executed. While this is not a lazy approach as Google has a security team working on the OS, no single entity is perfect. By crowdsourcing its security efforts alongside its internal procedures, it helps to make the OS more secure which is a benefit to the end user.

The Pwnium contest will take place in Vancouver in March

Google to offer up $3.14159 million if you can crack Chrome OS – Neowin.

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