We are looking for a local Digital Forensic Student to undertake a form of internship with ourselves.

This is ideal for anyone studying a Digital Forensics Degree as it will be for one to two days a week.

Plus it will look great on your CV.

We are also offering a full-time placement position for the academic year 12/13, and this position may well lead on to that for a suitable candidate.

The type of work will primarily be case dependant but on completion of the placement, the successful candidate will be able to:

– Understand and adapt forensic methodology to the type of instruction

– Present technical information to a number of audiences in a clear and understandable manner

– Construct exhibits to be used in a court setting

– Utilise computer forensic software to a high standard

– Recover forensic artefacts applicable to each specific case

– Comprehend the use of computer and mobile forensic techniques

– Understand how an expert witness firm operates

The successful candidate must possess the following criteria:

i) Computer literate – The successful candidate must be confident and highly skilled in using Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint

ii) Presentation skills – being able to present appropriately and accurately is an important skill for any successful forensic expert

iii) Organisational skills – being able to manage time and work efficiently.

iv) High standard of report writing skills

The successful candidate should ideally possess the following criteria:

i) Basic computer forensic knowledge – The candidate should have a basic knowledge of the techniques used within the area of computer forensics

ii) Intermediate EnCase knowledge preferably v5 onwards (or other similar forensic tools) – The candidate should be able to use EnCase to a reasonable standard

iii) Analytical Skills – Analytical skills are essential when investigating and collating difference sources of data according to case instructions.

iv) Research capabilities/skills – use of internet for sourcing and validating data.

How to apply:

IMPORTANT – You need to write a short critique of approximately 250 words detailing your expression of interest in this position and in the field of Digital Forensics and Email it along with a Covering Letter and CV to the Sytech Recruitment Office:


With the title Student Internship – Blog


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