ShutterstockOn February 7, 2013, The Smoking Gun ran an articledescribing the apparent hacking of email accounts belonging to the Bush family and family friends. Unlike other analysts, I’m not going to look at the contents of the messages disclosed. Instead, I’m going to spend a few minutes deconstructing the hack itself.

According to the original article, six individual email accounts were compromised, although the website only enumerates five individuals. That point is, in and of itself, curious. The pattern of who was compromised is quite interesting as well, depending on whether you describe the individual as related to the first President Bush (George H.W.) or his son (George W.).

The original article from The Smoking Gun is (probably purposely) obtuse, but it seems to indicate that six accounts were compromised. Another possibility is that one account was compromised, but had a large collection of correspondence from the other accounts.

In any case, because the information released was — in the main — about Poppy Bush and correspondence related to his condition, and since the cluster of compromise is considerably closer to the elder President, if I were heading an investigation team, I’d start with those in 41’s circle of associates and see where there might be clues.

Deconstructing the Bush Family Email Hack | DFI News.

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