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 Registration is now open for the 2012 DC3 Digital Forensic Challenge!  Put your digital forensics skills to the test and compete against brilliant minds across the globe.  Registration is free and open to all at http://www.dc3.mil/challenge/2012 .  Building on the success of the 2011 DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge with 1,147 teams from 50 US states and 52 countries, the 2012 DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge returns with 27 new individual exercises including:

                *             File and registry analysis

                *             Network intrusions

                *             Password and data recovery

                *             Steganography

                *             Malware analysis

                *             Tool development

                *             And more!

The DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge continues to grow in popularity each year, so don’t hesitate to form a team and apply today!


Submit solutions early for bonus points!


The bonus points system returns again this year! Your team may acquire additional bonus points submitting your solutions for exercises early to the DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge. Bonus points schedule has been adjusted for this year and will be awarded on the following schedule:

Date Range                                                                         Bonus Awarded to

                                                                                                Exercise Score

15 Dec 2011 — 1 Apr 2012                                              20%

2 Apr 2012 — 1 July 2012                                                10%

2 July 2012 — 1 Oct 2012                                                5%

2 Oct 2012 — 1 Nov 2012                                                0%


7 New Categories for 2012


Calling all Maryland challenge participants!  Maryland recently has become the “national epicenter” for cyber security and digital forensics.  With Maryland ranking 2nd highest number of teams in past DC3 Digital Forensics Challenges for US teams, the DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge team is proud to announce the sponsorship of a Maryland category for 2012 DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge!  For more information, please see our rules at: http://www.dc3.mil/challenge/2012/play/rules.php


About the Challenge


The DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge encourages innovation from a broad range of individuals, teams, and institutions to provide technical solutions for computer forensic examiners in the lab as well as in the field.  The DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge encourages tomorrow’s digital forensic examiners to test and expand their ability by completing challenges varying in difficulty.  Challenges range in difficulty from the novice, 100 level challenges with well-known solutions that serve a as check of basic knowledge to the 500 level challenges, which require mastery-level knowledge and innovation.

Solutions are due by 1 November 2012; Winners are announced on 3 December 2011


2011 Challenge Winners


Winners’ Circle


Final Leader Board



>The DC3 Challenge Team<

PHONE: 410-981-6610 | EMAIL: challenge@dc3.mil Challenge website – http://www.dc3.mil/challenge Defense Cyber Crime Center website – http://www.dc3.mil Cyber Crime Conference website – http://www.dodcybercrime.com

DC3 Challenge 2012 | Home.

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