Prosecution Training

Sytech provide wide-ranging support

There are numerous processes and procedures around the world of Digital Forensic investigations, evidence-gathering and presentation. Sytech have available a wide range of training and seminar options to assist your Prosecution case in being aware of the ever-growing places to find ‘digital fingerprint’ information and how best to present this as evidence. Areas we focus on include Digital Forensics Training, Awareness Briefings, Court Room Skills Training and Cell Site Training – we also cover other subjects, so just ask us about any other areas you’re interested in.

Training services

Awareness Briefings
Awareness briefings are provided to Police Officers and Analysts to highlight the value of digital based evidence and identify the ever growing sources where such evidence can be gathered or recovered.

Included in our awareness briefings are:

  • Review current trends in digital evidence
  • Examine how social and technological changes bring about new evidence sources and methods of analysis
  • Highlight the value of particular digital evidence sources in the investigation process
  • Look at issues for effective evidential presentation within the judicial process
  • Promote best practice – we examine successful and unsuccessful prosecutions from across the whole of the UK and look at the lessons that Law Enforcement can learn

As with all Sytech training products, awareness briefings can be tailored to suite your requirements and objectives.

Our training is provided at departmental level or across a whole police force – we travel to you, and our awareness briefings are provided free of charge.

Contact us for more information and to check availability.

Court Room Skills Training
Sytech representatives attend Criminal Court Cases on a weekly basis in trials across the whole of the UK.  Our senior consultants have more than a decade’s experience in evidence delivery, and we have achieved this through attendance in literally hundreds of criminal cases.

Through our extensive history we have developed an industry-leading reputation for excellence in the quality of the evidence we produce – and more importantly for the quality of service provided during Court Attendance and Testimony Delivery.

Our experts are frequently required to attend court in the appraisal and critical assessment of opposing experts and analysts alike.

If you (or your staff) are required to provide oral testimony in Court, then Sytech Court Room Training can empower you with the skills and confidence to do this most effectively.
Survival Guides

Our Courtroom Skills Training provides key points that can make all the difference:

  • Pre-planning for Court attendance
  • Dealing with nerves and anxiety
  • The Court environment and Individuals within it
  • Courtroom etiquette
  • Effective testimony delivery
  • Presentation of exhibits
  • Cross examination survival techniques

Court experiences differ across the country – our training is based on a wide range of courts including: Old-Bailey, Blackfriars, Snaresbrook, Southwark (London), St Albans, Bristol, Cambridge, Luton, Oxford, Worcester, Leicester, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Sheffield, Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester, Preston, Liverpool, Bradford, Leeds, Teesside & Newcastle upon Tyne.

Cell Site Training

Cell-Site analysis is at the heart of many Prosecution cases, and we have prepared training specifically to ensure that you are aware of the industry’s most recent developments and, very importantly, aware of how to most effectively use Cell-Site Analysis to gather evidence.

As industry leading experts in this fast-moving environment, our high quality training will keep you up to speed with trends and developments.

Our training includes these aspects:

  • Understanding requirements
  • Acquiring and processing call-data records
  • Network operator differences
  • Pre survey analysis and preparation
  • Topography review, propagation modelling
  • Historic environmental considerations
  • Surveying
  • GSM, 3G, 4G, GPRS, UMTS, LTE & Wi-Fi
  • Nemo, C-Surv & NMon survey tools
  • Post survey analysis
  • Reporting and exhibit presentation
  • Administration and record keeping

We also provide fully tailored training in Computer Forensics and Mobile Phone Examinations – just contact us to find out more.