Sat-Nav & GPS Analysis for Prosecution

Sat navUsing destination locations and patterns to build evidence.

This is a device often overlooked, and yet one which provides Prosecution with invaluable information. Sytech provide specialist Satellite Navigation Digital Forensic services which enables us to build a picture of behavior – revealing the home location, places visited and destinations plotted – from one-off journeys to frequent destinations. Even deleted journeys can potentially be identified – with dates, travel times, journey durations and so forth.

We work with all formats of Sat Nav and GPS devices including:

  • TomTom
  • Garmin
  • Navman
  • Magellan
  • and many of the proprietary and bespoke GPS products.

Many Satellite Navigation systems have Bluetooth capabilities which allow them to connect to a user’s mobile phone for hands-free use of the telephone.  If this function is used then traces of this activity can be located on the device, which means that we can potentially recover data such as:

  • Stored Phonebook
  • Called Phone Numbers
  • Received Phone Numbers
  • Sent SMS Messages
  • Received SMS Messages

sat_nav_2Modern Smart Phones have in-built GPS (Global Positioning System).  It is possible for us to provide you with similar levels of tracking information from these devices across a number of applications from Google Maps Navigation to TomTom, Co-Pilot and so forth.

We discuss these mobile GPS devices further in our Mobile Phone Forensics section.

Contact us and we’ll be very happy to provide further details.