Communication Analysis for Prosecution

Providing the bigger picture

Communications tower

Sytech offer comprehensive Communication Analysis for Prosecution – helping you to build the ‘bigger picture’ of any investigation.

As devices communicate with each other – whether through mutual contacts, calls, SMS, MMS, email messages, chats, application transactions, Bluetooth devices, locations and so forth – they create a web of digital information which, through our expert analysis, enables us to provide you with the bigger picture of how individuals are connected. Through industry-leading analysis and bespoke Digital Forensic techniques Sytech can reveal these often hidden communication links

This leads us to understand how accused are connected by visualising data from multiple devices.

Plotted points on a map

We can also visualize the communication directions between accused, pinpointing bi-directional and uni-directional communication.
Through this analysis, we can illustrate (amongst many other things) whether accused persons were at the same place at the same time.

We can present and analyse this information in a number of formats, including:

  • Entities analytics – statistical data which shows the frequency of communication and preferred communication methods
  • Timeline analytics – displaying a list of events in chronological order
  • Location analytics – analysing multiple person’s locations on a single map