Cell-Site Analysis for Prosecution

Every single call, text or MMS provides us a digital footprint


Cell-Site analysis has proved an invaluable tool in establishing the location of devices (and by implication, Prosecution suspects), and after more than 15 years of development at Sytech, this has become an area of expertise. Over the years we have examined the movement and location of tens of thousands of mobile phones and mobile data devices.

Our extensive list of Prosecution cases includes some of the most notorious criminal acts perpetrated in the UK in modern times.

Cell-Site Analysis is an invaluable branch of our Digital Forensic services through which we can provide you with the location of mobile devices when communications occur – and this can be any form of communication – whether calls, SMS (text messages) or MMS (Multimedia messages).
This provides a reliable way for you to place individuals’ mobiles in order that you can establish a picture of who was where, and when.
This evidence can be used within a legal case where a person’s location is required, and this in turn can help establish the guilt or innocence of an individual.

Every time a mobile device communicates, an ‘event’ is recorded with their network provider – the nature of the communication, time and duration are all recorded as a matter of course from this our highly skilled Team, specialist equipment and unique software for data mapping and can confirm the location from which the communication was made – with astonishing accuracy and proven success.

This can be used to identify the whereabouts of a mobile phone at a given time or to trace the movement between given times.

Cell-Site Analysis can be used for the following:

Handset Attribution
Conspiracy / Association Communication Patterns
Cell-Site Mapping
Victim / Suspects Movements and Locations
Call Data Records Analysis
Connection Charting
Cell Coverage Charting
Pattern of Life
Alibi Confirmation or Disproving
Mobile Network “Cell Dump”
Expert Witness (Cell Site) Testimony