Audio Analysis for Prosecution

Audio analysis servicesAudio evidence is available from a wide range of devices, but of vastly differing qualities. All audio evidence requires authentication for signs of tampering and so forth, and much needs digital enhancement in order to clarify voices, sounds etc. Sytech utilise a number of Digital Forensic processes to bring audio evidence up to presentation standard.

We provide digital analysis of all audio recording devices – along with a full documentation of evidence.

Your requirements will obviously vary from case to case, but can include:

  • Audio enhancement – which is a process that involves the expertise of ‘cleaning’ or ‘removing’ unwanted noise from an otherwise unintelligible recording
  • Weapon signature analysis – which can help to identify particular weapon types, such as Glock or Berretta, and establish who fired first – which is crucial in the instance of a police shooting
  • Likewise, vehicle signature analysis can identify which make or model of vehicle has been involved in a crime where the identification of the vehicle is paramount to the investigation
  • Transcription of voice recordings
  • Forensic audio transcription (printed and/or subtitled video)
  • Audio authentication for signs of editing / tampering
  • Phone message analysis and transcription
  • Phone recording analysis and transcription

Contact us and we’ll be very happy to provide further details.