At Sytech we use our highly tuned Digital Forensics to identify and analyse the ‘digital fingerprints’ left by almost everything that takes place – from perfectly normal everyday pursuits to that of complex criminal activity  – which we use to provide unequivocal evidence.

In over 35 years, we’ve never had a successful defence challenge against us – and that’s because we’re thorough, robust and up to the minute in our digital forensic analysis.

We have a comprehensive range of services on offer – you can find out more below, or of course simply call us to speak with one of our team.

Cell-Site Analysis
Phone and Mobile Device Examination
Communication analysis
Device and Data Attribution
Computer Forensics
Sat-Nav and GPS Analysis
CCTV Analysis – Presentation
Digital Image Analysis
Facial Recognition
Audio Analysis
Game Console Forensics

We also offer Training, Presentation Services, and Mercure (Telephone Data Analysis Software).