Cell-Site Analysis for Defence

Every single call, text or MMS provides us a digital footprint

Cell-Site Analysis is an invaluable branch of our forensic services through which we can provide you with the location of mobile devices when communications occur – and this can be any form of communication – whether calls, SMS (text messages) or MMS (Multimedia messages).

Communications tower

This provides a reliable way for you to place individuals’ mobiles in order that you can establish a picture of who was where, and when.
This evidence can be used within a legal case where a person’s location is required, and this in turn can help establish the guilt or innocence of an individual.

The evidence is available because every time a mobile device communicates, an ‘event’ is recorded with their network provider – the nature of the communication, time and duration are all recorded as a matter of course – and perhaps most importantly, our highly skilled data mapping can confirm the location from which the communication was made – with astonishing accuracy.

This can be used to identify the whereabouts of a mobile phone at a given time or to trace the movement between given times.

Cell-Site Analysis can be used for the following:

Handset Attribution
Conspiracy / Association Communication Patterns
Cell-Site Mapping
Victim / Suspects Movements and Locations
Call Data Records Analysis
Connection Charting
Cell Coverage Charting
Pattern of Life
Alibi Confirmation or Disproving
Mobile Network “Cell Dump”
Expert Witness (Cell Site) Testimony