CCTV Analysis – Presentation for Defence

CCTVThe UK is the world’s CCTV capital

Yes, the UK has really bought into CCTV. Estimates vary, but we’re reckoned to have around 6 million CCTV’s in the UK, covering public spaces and of course private security. The sheer number of these means that none of us is off-camera for long, and consequently the evidence that CCTV collectively brings is potentially vast.

Due to the volume of CCTV and video footage available, it brings its own challenges – whilst plentiful, much requires significant processing and analysis to clarify images, and to prepare it for formal presentation. Sytech provides this complete service, including the following:

  • Enhancement – CCTV and mobile phone recordings are most frequently of low quality. We can apply many processes to the footage to clarify the images and audio using filters that are fully documented in the finished technical report
  • Stabilisation – we can stabilise ‘shaky’ footage taken on mobile devices so that the person or object of interest remains static on the screen
  • De-multiplexing – separating multi-camera video feeds
  • Highlighting – either highlighting the area of the footage of interest, or blurring/pixellating area to be redacted, protecting sensitive information, identities, number plates etc
  • Annotating – adding titles, arrows, text to best illustrate the portion of interest, and subtitling for clarification of pertinent conversations etc
  • Measurement – measuring and giving context to real world distances, heights, and lengths from images or video frames, providing evidence such as a defendant’s height
  • Perspective – correcting and modifying the camera viewpoint in different frames with perspective alignment
  • Improvement to video with bad weather conditions (fog, rain, flat light, sandstorm, etc.).
  • Comparisons – providing comparisons between faces, persons or objects in CCTV footage, and images taken in custody suites or by our own photographer – this can include people, clothing, weapons, cars etc
  • Stills from video
  • Video enhancement, speed adjustment and noise reduction or removal
  • Audio & video enhancement
  • Audio video authentication for signs of editing / tampering
  • Audio transcription (printed and/or subtitled video)
  • Audio & video analysis
  • Damaged audio & video cassette tape restoration
  • Damaged tape repair (audio / micro / DAT / video)
  • Phone message analysis & transcription

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