Digital Forensics for Defence

Sytech offers a comprehensive range of services for analysis and reporting of Digital Forensic evidence for Defence. The breadth of digital sources we analyse is growing and includes:

  • Cell-Site Analysis
  • Phone and Mobile Device Examination
  • Chip-off
  • Communication Analysis
  • Device and Data Attribution
  • Computer Forensics
  • Sat Nav and GPS Analysis
  • CCTV Analysis Presentation
  • Digital Image Analysis
  • Facial Recognition
  • Audio Analysis
  • Game Console Forensics

There are of course many other sources we can analyse – essentially any accessible device or evidence which carries a digital ‘fingerprint’ can be analysed by Sytech to provide robust Defence evidence.

We also provide wide-ranging Defence Training in a number of areas, including Awareness Briefings, Court Room Skills Training and Cell-Site Analysis.

Please let us know specifically what you’d like to achieve and we can take you through a number of possibilities.