Denial of Service Testing (Secure units/locations) for Corporate Services

Our denial of service testing is developed by us to find all of the security vulnerabilities that exist in your systems.
We provide comprehensive testing and technical audits, and provide you with assurance that security vulnerabilities and flaws are mitigated – and consequently that the likelihood of becoming hacked is significantly reduced.
Anyone with a network connection (internet, corporate, internal) is potentially vulnerable.

  • We work from both an external and internal perspective
  • Upon completion of our testing we provide you with a detailed report
  • Plus recommended actions for improving your security measures
  • We’ll also provide you with an active evaluation of your organisation’s information security measures

We can also implement our security recommendations if you wish – giving you the best possible safeguard against many network security threats, including:

  • Financial compromise
  • Damage to reputation
  • Business risk exposure
  • Unwanted legal issues
  • Loss of internet presence

Contact us and we’ll be very happy to provide further details.