Corporate Services

Challenges to corporations take many forms – Sytech work with you to put in place digital procedures which establish safeguards to the computers, systems and personnel within an organisation. These procedures can often be applied simply and discretely into your organisation without disruption.

And where an issue already exists, or simply a suspicion, we provide industry-leading digital investigative resources which will again work discretely to establish the facts and give you what you need to bring staff to account and to fine-tune procedures for the future.

To establish safeguards, we offer the following services

Digital Surveillance
Cellular and WiFi Surveying
Digital/Data Security Audit/Testing
Fleet Phone Backup

Where specific investigations are appropriate, we offer the following digital forensic services:

Digital Surveillance
Data Keystroke Logging
GPS Tracking
Audio Recordings
Hidden CCTV
Fleet Phone Services (Back-up, Recovery and Re-instalment)

We also provide other forms of Surveying, including:

Campus or Multi-site GSM-UMTS Surveys
WiFi surveys
Denial of Service Testing (for secure units and locations)

We’re also there when you need us for Data Recovery – we provide a swift, responsive service including:

Phone and Mobile Device Examination
PC and Mac Hard Drive Recovery
Camera Memory Card/Stick Recovery
Bitcoin Wallet Recovery
Lost Password Recovery

We also provide Training in 3 key areas:

Seminar Presentations
Incident Response Training
Basic Investigation and Case Management