UWB Enhanced Time Difference of Arrival System

By Benjamin Lonske, Intelligent Automation Incorporated (IAI); Eric van Doorn, IAI; Satya Ponnaluri, IAI and Arvind Bhat, IAI

The purpose of the proposed technology development and evaluation effort is to design, implement and test an effective system for the detection and localization of cellular phones in correctional facilities. Correction officials have identified the problem of cell phones in prisons as one of the toughest issues they face. The phones, smuggled in by guards or family members and activated with hard-to-trace prepaid calling plans, are a lifeline for criminals and gang members to order hits, buy drugs and plan escape attempts from behind bars. We are developing a prototype Time Difference Of Arrival (TDOA) emitter detection and location system, and ultimately will demonstrate the system at Lawrenceville Correctional Center. The demonstrated system will be capable of detecting and locating cell phones in real time.

Following are the key conclusions that can be drawn about the tests:
The results indicate, as expected, that the signal received outside can be better than that received inside depending on the proximity of transmitter and receiver. High frequency signals (i.e., WCDMA 1710-1755 MHz and PCS 1850-1910 MHz) attenuate more than low frequency signals such as those of GSM 824- 849 MHz. When the receiver and transmitter are far apart as is the case in the outdoor test scenarios corresponding to Test# {7,8,9}; {16,17,18}; {19,20,21}, the received signal is very weak, and the corresponding WCDMA and PCS signals are not captured by the Spectrum Analyzer. We observe significant frequency selective behavior in some test scenarios, especially for WCDMA and PCS signals, in both indoor and outdoor settings.

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