ShutterstockAntivirus firm Bitdefender forming a partnership that promises to give its partners an edge in a yet unsaturated market — mobile security forensics.

The partnership is with mobile forensic firm Celebrite, and will give the Romanian antivirus firm’s security solutions tread into new markets with placement in products used by police, military and corporate security professionals. It’s a union that will give mobile and security solution providers the impetus to bulk up their Rolodexes and expand business into yet untapped circles with related consulting and forensic services down the road.

Altogether, the combined solution aims to help investigators conduct forensic examinations to determine whether undetected malware was used in the commission of a crime. For example, the solution could aid fraud investigators in pinpointing mobile malware used to ex-filtrate and exploit bank account information or commit securities fraud.

By the same token, law enforcement could potentially use the integrated solution to discern whether mobile spyware was being used for harassment and stalking purposes. And corporate security folks could use the solution to examine mobile devices when launching investigations around intellectual property theft.

Bitdefender Breaks Into Mobile Forensics | DFI News.

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