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SYTECH – Server Tender Requirement – STC-FS-001

Quotation for the

Supply Multi-processor server, power supply, 48 Gigabit switches and decommission of existing server

Contract Ref No. STC-FS-001


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Background Information

Systems Technology Consultants Limited, trading as SYTECH are based in Stoke on Trent and provide forensic digital analysis to the public sector. Due to business growth we require a Multi-processor server, with power supply and 48 Gigabit switches.  Decommission of the existing server and migration of data is also required. 

SYTECH seeks to replace its existing, outdated network server with something significantly more powerful with greater capacity to provide improvements for data access speeds, manageability and resilience.  The requirement is to split the existing Active Directory, File and Database services into virtual servers to reap the benefits of virtualisation. The replacement system will provide significant storage capacity over a RAID array solution.

SYTECH’s existing network server is accessed daily by approximately 70 – 80 staff that are distributed across five laboratories/offices.  IP telephony is also distributed across all sites.  SYTECH require capacity expansion to achieve its growth ambitions of increasing the workforce to 120 employees over the next 2-years. 

The existing port density (computer & phone) is fully utilised. Consequently, network switches require upgrade replacement with additional capacity. All switches need to be manageable to improve security and data/access control.


Statement of Requirements

1.0 The following is provided as a guide to the level of specification required for the primary components of the server:

  • 4 x Intel Xeon CPU’s
  • 512 GB RAM
  • RAID controller
  • 4 x 1.8TB SAS 15K drives (RAID 5 + HS) for Hypervisor OS
  • 11 x 1.8TB SAS 15K drives (RAID 10 + 1 global hot spare) for data storage
  • 5 x 1.8TB SAS 15K drives (RAID 10 + hot spare) for database VHDX(s)
  • The solution must include appropriate redundant PSU’s
  • Windows-based server software

1.1. The server will require a suitable Smart/intelligent Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), equivalent to APC 3kVA.

1.2. A suitable secure cabinet/rack (floor-standing) is required to house the file server equipment. [The enclosed space reserved for the server is approximately 3.5’(w) x 9’(d) x 7’(H) with 3’ wide door access.]

 2.0 The following is provided as a guide for the requirement of network switches.

2.1. At the server location there is a requirement for 2 x 48 port gigabit switches with 1Gbps fibre modules for link aggregation between switches.  

  • These two switches will be housed separate to the file server, but within a distance not exceeding 20-metres (this is the location of existing patching).

2.2. A suitable wall-mounted cabinet is required to house the two switches.

2.3. A suitable UPS is also required.

2.4. A further six (6) 48-port switches are required for installation, within the networked laboratories.

  • These are in replacement of existing outdated and non-manageable switches and to provide additional capacity in each lab. 
  • There is no requirement for additional cabling/network points.

The server, switches and other items need to be delivered, installed and in operation by no later than Friday 28th June 2019

The quote provided should include installation and on-site familiarisation for staff (x2) once installed.

A small proportion of the cost is being supported by European Regional Development Funding.

After Sales Support

SYTECH’s preferred solution will be based on leading brand equipment (IBM, Dell, HP) with associated manufacturer’s 24/7, same-day, support packages for a minimum period of 3-years.

Spares to be readily available, we require this to be preferably UK based.

What to Include in your Quotation Submission:

  • Your company details as set out on page 2.
  • Your price for supply, delivery and installation of the Multi-processor server, network switches and other items and to Systems Technology Consultants Limited, Unit 68 Bedford Street, Stoke on Trent, ST1 4PZ
  • Your price for a system guarantee period up to 2 years.
  • Confirmation that you can supply, deliver and install the ‘Multi-processor server, network switches and other items’ (‘goods’) by 28 June 2019.  Please state the time to deliver and install the ‘goods’ from confirmation of the order.
  • Technical Merit information in relation to server capabilities to meet the specifications, stipulated in the Statement of Requirements above.  You can include product brochures.
  • Service level for After Sales support package (i.e. electrical and mechanical support provided, servicing and breakdown support).
  • Methodology/implementation plan for decommission of existing server and migration of data, and anticipated user downtime.

Assessment of Quotations

Tenders will be assessed and scored based on a Price and Quality Mix (Most Economically Advantageous Tender).  1000 marks are available in total: 

These marks will be broken down into the following criteria:

100 marks for delivery

300 marks for price

400 marks to meet the requirements detailed within the statement of requirements

200 marks for after sales service

100 marks for server delivery installation. Please be clear about all necessary information regarding this including plans for minimising downtime/disruption. 

300 marks for price. The commercial score will be calculated using the following formulae: Lowest Total Price divided by Bidders Total Tendered Price multiplied by 300 = marks awarded.  The price quoted must include all disbursements and costs including machinery, delivery, set up and on-site instruction for up to two operatives but be exclusive of VAT.  No additional costs will be accepted by Systems Technology Consultants Limited

400 marks available for meeting the detailed specification. Please set out the technical capability of the server you can supply detailing whether you can meet the requirements as detailed.  You can supply brochures and or technical marketing documents that will be considered. If you do not supply technical information you will not be awarded any marks under this category.

200 marks for After Sales Support.  Please be clear about the necessary information regarding this.

Points awarded under the qualitative criteria will be arrived at by applying the following rationale:

The technical responses will be evaluated using the following illustrative matrix:

Score 5 marks – if all requirements are met and response provided is excellent.

            Score 4 marks – if most requirements are met and response provided is good.

            Score 3 marks – if some requirements are met and response is average.

            Score 2 marks – if answer provided is not comprehensive and below average.

            Score 1 mark – if answer provided is poor.

            Score 0 marks – if no information provided.


Please return this completed quotation by email or post to:

Samuel Foot


Systems Technology Consultants Limited

Unit 68, Bedford Street, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, ST1 4PZ

By no later than 12th June 2019 (17:00hrs)

Quotations received after this time and date will not be considered.

Please note the opportunity is also advertised on our website.


The purchase of the Multi-processor server and decommission of the current server is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

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SYTECH response to Guardian Article regarding ISO 17025 Accreditation

The UKAS accreditation for ‘ISO-17025 standard for testing and calibration laboratories’ has long applied to those entities performing so-called ‘Wet-Forensics’ typically, DNA, fibres, ballistics etc.  The Forensic Science Regulator (FSR) was appointed to set out the ISO-17025 standard for Digital Forensics with the requirement that all forensic units should become accredited by October 2017.


There has been some debate within the Digital Forensics and Criminal Justice communities concerning the challenges of compliance within the timescales set by the FSR.  The speed with which accreditation has been accomplished has been slow.  The costs of the resources required for success are often cited as a contributing factor.


SYTECH was first accredited by UKAS in July 2016 and have worked continually to extend and make improvements to our quality systems.  Suspension of our accreditation followed a further thorough audit.  This was welcomed.  It brought to our attention detailed aspects of the standard not fully implemented in the SYTECH Quality Systems.  This situation has been corrected and continues to be given our full attention.


SYTECH worked with Police clients during the temporary suspension period and kept them advised of corrective actions being taken that subsequently resulted in the re-instatement by UKAS of our accreditation.


The Guardian articles draw attention to the need for all engaged in providing evidence within the criminal justice system to meet the quality standards set by the FSR.  This is not an issue directly associated with the much-publicised issues concerning a number of high-profile cases that have collapsed before going to trial.  In these cases, there was no failure of the forensic processes covered by accreditation.  The evidence was obtained during the forensic processes but then not fully disclosed to the Defence by the Police / CPS.


SYTECH have a long history of independent and objective contributions to the criminal justice process and are fully committed to attaining the highest level of quality assurance for all services.


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SYTECH Recruitment – HR Manager – Stoke-on-Trent – Permanent – Full-Time

HR Manager  – Permanent Full-Time

Experience Level:     Intermediate

Location:     SYTECH Offices, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire with Free Car Parking

Salary:     Up to £40,000pa

This is a new dedicated role with an established, high growth company providing digital forensic services to UK Police. The company success is based upon delivery of excellence and a ‘can-do’ approach to client and regulatory requirements. HR management plays a pivotal role in the effective operation of the company.

As a part of the senior management team you will be involved in major business decisions.

We are looking for an enthusiastic person to take responsibility at our Head Office for all aspects of the HR function, including the planning, implementation and recording of on-going staff training and competency in line with ISO-17025 standards. You will possess an up to date understanding of employment legislation and best practice. Occasional travel to our branch offices in Warwickshire and South Wales will be necessary.

Experience of working within a professional services or IT environment will be an advantage.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Manage the recruitment process (devise and maintain our online rec, liaison with University forensic faculties, briefing agencies, setting up and conducting interviews, obtaining feedback, issuing offer letters, job contracts), ensuring integrity and providing an efficient flow of information between stakeholders.
  • Oversee and manage the induction of new staff in close liaison with their Line Manager and working with other departments to ensure consistency of delivery.
  • Work closely with the various line managers to undertake training needs analysis and follow up training including effective induction of all new staff
  • Facilitate the performance management processes and implementation of the company’s on-going training and competency framework.
  • Assist with initiatives to develop the company’s people and culture to meet the demands of a fast-growing company and a fast changing business environment.
  • Support and develop line management in handling absence and disciplinary cases.
  • Provide monthly reports to Payroll. Deal with general correspondence, administering and monitoring sickness, maternity/paternity leave, holidays, overtime, etc.
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with all staff, providing support and assistance to all staff including general welfare and wellbeing.
  • Advise and facilitate grievance and disciplinary procedures in line with the company’s policies, reflecting ACAS guidance at all times.
  • Help create SYTECH’s reputation as an employer of choice.

Skills and qualifications Essential

Previous experience within a HR role.

IT literate and capable of being self-supporting

Competent understanding of employment law

Professional demeanour

Ability to inspire confidence

Self-confident, calm and assertive

Strong communication skills

Interviewing skills


Experience of professional or IT services

Educated to degree level or equivalent

Experience of change management

Application Closing Date:       4th September 2017

How to apply:
Please Email a Covering Letter and CV to the SYTECH Recruitment Office:
HR Manager Recruitment or

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SYTECH Digital Forensics to open new Digital Forensics Laboratory in Warwickshire


SYTECH are delighted to announce that they are to open a new Digital Forensic laboratory in Alcester, south-west Warwickshire.

Following the successful winning of two major digital forensic contracts for Law Enforcement, SYTECH are opening their fourth laboratory to help service their client’s needs, and Law Enforcement generally across the UK. The laboratory will be a “full-service” facility with mobile device, computer and cell-site forensics on site.

The site is due to open in early summer 2016 and SYTECH is therefore looking to receive applications for the following positions:

  • Computer Digital Forensic Analysts
  • Trainee Computer Forensic Analysts (relevant graduates)
  • Mobile Device Forensic Analysts
  • Trainee Mobile Device analysts (relevant graduates)
  • Cell Site Expert
  • Cell Site Analyst
  • Administrative Support and Exhibit Officer

All positions offer competitive salaries and benefits.

Please respond by submitting your CV and a covering letter.

For the Trainee roles please supply the above with a short critique of approximately 250 words detailing your expression of interest in this position and in the field of Digital Forensics.

Please state the job you wish to apply for. Full details of the roles are available on the website

Responses should be made to: 


SYTECH brings together leading-edge specialists in all areas of Digital Forensics to provide a comprehensive one-stop analysis service. We work with all sectors and have over the years been involved in thousands of cases, including many high profile cases. The HQ is in Stoke with offices in Swansea and Newport.

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SYTECH – Digital Forensic Examination of Windows ‘Storage Spaces’

Windows ‘Storage Spaces’ introduced in consumer builds of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 allows a user to ‘span’ several (sometimes various) devices into a unified ‘span’ or ‘pool’ of storage space.





Devices used for ‘Storage Space’ volumes can be easily identified in forensic software as a drive with a ‘Windows Reserved’ partition, often 128MB in size and a ‘Storage Pool Partition’ (which will vary in size depending on the user configuration) with the header ‘SPACEDB’.



Although displayed as unallocated this device has a plethora of investigative data which can be configured in a very similar way to RAID storage ‘Simple (no resiliency), a ‘Two-way mirror’, a ‘three-way mirror’ and drives which can also use ‘parity’ volumes for redundancy.



Due to the way these volumes work (depending on the device configuration) a user can add disks at a later date. It should also be noted that users can start a span on a single device with the plan of adding disks later.

All of the above taken into consideration and scenarios (as shown below) where a user may lose, corrupt or destroy a device causing the computer to no longer detect the configuration of a Windows ‘Storage Volume’ can seriously hinder an investigation.



Please call (01782 286 300) or email ( SYTECH in cases where the potential reconstruction of ‘Windows Storage’ file systems is needed, in cases where the ‘STORAGEDB’ header is found and evidential material has been found in what normal forensic tools are calling ‘Unallocated’ SYTECH can help.

All submissions in relation to Windows ‘Storage Spaces’ should include all drives with ‘STORAGEDB’ headers for the greatest chance of success.

Missing drives, broken configurations or just in need of technical assistance please make use of our free consultancy service.

If a rebuild of the ‘Storage Space’ is possible SYTECH can offer both reconstruction and production of just volume data in an evidential format or full forensic analysis of the ‘Storage Space’.