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SYTECH Digital Forensic Examinations assist in – Lostprophets’ Ian Watkins guilty of child sex offences

Lostprophets’ Ian Watkins guilty of child sex offences

Ian WatkinsLostprophets singer Ian Watkins accepted he was a ‘determined and committed paedophile’

Ian Watkins, singer of Welsh rock band Lostprophets, has pleaded guilty to a series of “depraved” child sex offences including attempted rape of a baby.

He had previously “furiously denied” the allegations.

The 36-year-old from Pontypridd and two women had been due to stand trial at Cardiff Crown Court.

Watkins pleaded guilty to attempted rape and sexual assault of a child under 13 but not guilty to rape. This was accepted by the prosecution.

Sentencing will take place on 18 December.

Prosecuting barrister Chris Clee QC told the court: “Ian Watkins was the lead singer in a successful band called the Lostprophets.

“He accepts he was a determined and committed paedophile.”

Watkins also admitted conspiring to rape a child, three counts of sexual assault involving children, seven involving taking, making or possessing indecent images of children and one of possessing an extreme pornographic image involving a sex act on an animal.

The evidence against the defendant came from computers, laptops and mobile phones.

One laptop seized from Watkins’s home was password protected with an obscenity relating to sexual activity with children, which was uncovered when it was sent to GCHQ to be cracked.

The court heard that he filmed and kept the episodes of abuse – which took place in various hotels in London and south Wales – which were recovered by police. Some of the evidence was too extreme and distressing to report.

Catrin Evans from the Crown Prosecution Service and Chief Inspector Peter Doyle from South Wales Police

Referring to two women standing alongside Watkins in the dock, Mr Clee said: “Both women sexually abused their own children and made them available to Watkins for him to abuse.”

The court was told how the abuse of the children by all parties was also evident in text messages.

Watkins sent a text to one of the women saying: “If you belong to me, so does your baby.”

In an exchange involving the other woman, she sent Watkins a message along with an image of her child to the effect that her child needed to know she was not loved.

Watkins also planned to “teach” the babies how to take drugs, the hearing was told.

Mr Clee said drugs played “a significant part in his offending against children”.

Who are Lostprophets?

Lostprophets, an alternative rock band from Pontypridd in the south Wales valleys, formed in 1997.

The band was founded by lead singer Ian Watkins, bassist Mike Lewis, drummer Mike Chiplin and guitarist Lee Gaze.

They released five albums, and their biggest hits included Last Train Home and Rooftops. The band sold about 3.5 million albums worldwide.

Their music received heavy airplay on mainstream radio stations and they were a staple festival act at the likes of Reading and Leeds, but they struggled to be taken seriously in the rock fraternity as their music became increasingly pop-orientated.

The band announced they were splitting up in October, ten months after Watkins was charged.

Former south Wales music journalist Gavin Allen says: “They achieved real success, but their career – and back catalogue – will now be so tainted that it is hard to see any radio stations playing their music again.

“Their legacy has just vanished.”

Police found meth, cocaine and GHB during their searches.

Mr Clee told the court drugs were a “regular theme” in his dealings with the two other defendants.

Claiming his innocence, Watkins had told police during interviews he was being stalked by “a crazed fan” and other people had access to his computers.

He claimed he was the “victim of a malicious campaign”.

The court heard in Oct 2006, Watkins met up in a hotel with a 16-year-old girl from Boston, who he had met during during a Lostprophets concert.

She dressed in a schoolgirl’s outfit and he filmed their encounter.

In Oct 2008 he filmed himself having sex with another 16-year-old girl, who was also a Lostprophets fan.

Exploited status

One of the two women charged alongside Watkins, Woman A, admitted the attempted rape of a baby after denying rape and two charges of sexual assault as well as taking and distributing an indecent photograph of a child.

Woman B pleaded guilty to conspiring to rape a child, three sexual assault charges and four charges of taking, possessing or distributing indecent images.

After hearing legal argument from barristers, Mr Justice Royce called the jury into court and told them: “There will not be a trial in this case. The defendants have all pleaded guilty to nearly all the charges against them. The prosecution does not seek a trial in these circumstances.

“You have been saved from having to watch extremely graphic and distressing material.”

Mr Clee told the judge there had been an argument regarding what some key video evidence showed.

“From the footage, there is an argument as to whether the full offence (of rape) is made out,” he told judge Mr Justice Royce.

“If it is made out, it is minimal. There is so little difference between the full attempt and the attempt as to make no difference.”

Ian WatkinsWatkins used his fame to abuse young children, police said

Sally O’Neill, defending Watkins, said the singer was under the care of a psychiatrist.

Speaking outside the court, Det Ch Insp Peter Doyle from South Wales Police said: “This investigation has uncovered the most shocking and harrowing child abuse evidence I have ever seen.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Ian Watkins exploited his celebrity status in order to abuse young children.

“Today’s outcome ensures the three people responsible have been brought to justice.”

“Two very young children have been removed from this abuse and given a future that would otherwise have been denied them.

“The investigation has been extremely complex and challenging with key information and evidence being identified from witnesses worldwide.”

He added that today’s guilty pleas did not mark the end of the investigation and the force would work “tirelessly” to identify other victims or witnesses.

Lostprophets guitarist Lee Gaze expressed his relief on Twitter that the case had been concluded, writing: “That was over quick…. Thanks for the kind words. At least there is closure now.”


BBC News – Lostprophets’ Ian Watkins guilty of child sex offences.

SYTECH – BlackBerry Chip-Off Forensics Case – Loan shark who survived Dale Cregan pub shooting jailed for ‘preying on the vulnerable’

SYTECH – BlackBerry Chip-Off Forensics Case

Loan shark who survived Dale Cregan pub shooting jailed for ‘preying on the vulnerable’

Raymond Young collected cash for a loan sharking firm. A judge said the crime was so serious he had to be immediately sent to prison.


Dale Cregan
Dale Cregan

A loan shark who survived a pub shooting by killer Dale Cregan has been jailed after working as a debt collector for a rogue outfit.

Raymond Young, 30, collected cash for a loan sharking firm which ‘preyed on the vulnerable’ by charging exorbitant rates of interest.

His barrister pleaded for him not to be jailed because he had been so traumatised by witnessing his pal Mark Short get blasted to death by Cregan in Droylsden’s Cotton Tree pub in May last year.

But a judge said the crime was so serious he had to be immediately sent to prison.

Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard how Young worked for I+J Loans on and off from January 2012 to June this year.

During the investigation into the firm, Young, an electrician by trade, was found with text messages on his phone in which he was arranging the collection of repayments, Simon Mortimer, prosecuting, said.

Young sent messages using a Blackberry Messenger profile in the name of ‘Raymond *******’ which was accompanied by a photograph of a tray of cash with a gun it, the court was told.

The firm also used images which suggested people would be hospitalised or hit by a car if repayments weren’t made.

Loans were charged at 100 per cent interest, the court was told and charges were also added for late payment.

Young, of John Heywood Street, Clayton , pleaded guilty to two charges of being involved with an unlicensed consumer credit business and one of possessing criminal property at an earlier hearing.

Toby Wilbraham, defending, said Young, who has a long-term partner a five-year-old daughter, was paid just ‘£20 here and there’ for his work and only made a few hundred pounds in total for his role in the enterprise.

He said: “He did not make a large amount of money himself and did not lead a luxurious lifestyle. He has clearly expressed remorse.

“He worked full-time until 2010 and has worked on and off since then. Recently he has had problems after witnessing the murder of his friend and has suffered from anxiety and depression.

“He has seen a doctor about this who says he has shown signs of suffering from PTSD.”

Sentencing Young to a year in prison, Judge Timothy Mort said: “This is so serious that nothing other than immediate custodial sentence is appropriate.

“If you are not licensed you are preying on people who are very vulnerable to sharp practice.

“They unable to borrow from the normal, regulated, financial institutions. The result is that people are drawn deeper and deeper into debt.

“It is a scourge for people who are deeply in financial difficulties to be placed in even more more anxiety and distress.”

How they were caught

I+J Loans was rumbled during an operation by the England Illegal Money Lending Team, along with Manchester council and the police.

Three men have already been jailed for their role in the business.

It was run by Ian Parsons, 27 who pleaded guilty to three counts of illegal money lending and two counts of money laundering.

Parsons, of Lakeside Rise, Blackley , was sentenced to 32 months behind bars.

Christopher Weaver, 37 of Maybury Street, Gorton , Manchester, pleaded guilty to two counts of illegal money lending and two counts of money laundering. He was jailed for 18 months.

His brother Mark Weaver, 35, pleaded guilty to one count of illegal money lending and one count of money laundering and was sentenced to three months in prison.

Loan shark who survived Dale Cregan pub shooting jailed for ‘preying on the vulnerable’ – Manchester Evening News.

SYTECH – Simon Lang Case Study – How Cellebrite’s UFED Link Analysis Strengthens Cases Against Child Predators and Co-Conspirators


SYTECH – Simon Lang Case Study – How Cellebrite’s UFED Link Analysis  Strengthens Cases Against Child Predators and Co-Conspirators


SYTECH Assisted Case – Mobile Phone Evidence (Inc. Pioneering Chip-Off Forensics) Manchester loan sharks that cause ‘misery and fear’ plead guilty to illegal money lending

Manchester loan sharks that cause ‘misery and fear’ plead guilty to illegal money lending

Ian Parsons, 27 of Lakeside Rise, Blackley, Christopher Weaver, 36, of Maybury Street, Gorton, and Mark Weaver, 35, were arrested as part of a multi agency operation.

A gang of loan sharks have pleaded guilty to illegal money lending and money laundering at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court.

Ian Parsons, 27 of Lakeside RiseBlackley, Christopher Weaver, 36, of Maybury Street,Gorton, and Mark Weaver, 35, were arrested as part of a multi agency operation.

The trio were investigated and prosecuted by the England Illegal Money Lending Team, in partnership with Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council, after information came to light about their illegal business. Warrants were executed in December and May, and documentary evidence was uncovered.

Parsons pleaded guilty to three counts of illegal money lending and two counts of money laundering. Christopher Weaver pleaded guilty to two counts of illegal money lending and two counts of money laundering, and Mark Weaver, 35, pleaded guilty to one count of illegal money lending and one count of money laundering.

They all remain in custody, awaiting sentencing at Manchester Crown Court.

Director of the England Illegal Money Lending Team Jacqui Kennedy said: “Loan sharks are criminals who extort and exploit the public.

“Whilst they appear to be offering a community service they are not, and will leave people living each day in misery and fear.

“We will not tolerate this kind of behaviour, and working with the police, trading standards and other agencies we are cracking down on this crime, making it impossible for loan sharks to prosper.”

Nationally the Stop Loan Shark Project has secured 235 prosecutions for illegal money lending and related activity, leading to more than 157 years worth of custodial sentences. They have written off £40.3 million worth of illegal debt and helped over 20,000 victims.

Manchester City Council’s executive member for the environment, councillor Nigel Murphy, said: “Loan sharks are ruthless criminals who target some of the most vulnerable members of society and exploit the fact that the economic downturn has left many people struggling to make ends meet.

“But the days when loan sharks could expect to get away with causing misery are over, and these three are just the latest to be found guilty of this heinous crime.

“The illegal money lending team is working day and night to send these people where they belong – to prison – and I’d urge anyone with information about loan sharks to call their confidential hotline, while anyone who needs to borrow money should contact one of the many credit unions which work in the city.”

Manchester loan sharks that cause ‘misery and fear’ plead guilty to illegal money lending – Manchester Evening News.

World’s First Stolen Bitcoin Tracing Service And Bitcoin Data Recovery – High Profile Digital Forensic Services Company SYTECH Embraces Bitcoin

Sytech Logo

High profile UK based Digital Forensic Services Company SYTECH – (Systems Technology Consultants Ltd.) has been in business since 1978 – working with International Governments, Law Enforcement, Corporate and Private sectors and is known worldwide for its upstanding reputation, accreditation, cost-effectiveness and speedy processing of assignments. SYTECH’s Digital Forensics services’ have been integral to many high profile Court Cases and investigations across the globe including ‘Memogate’, and the recent conviction of UK serial murderer Dale Cregan. In August 2013 SYTECH announced its move into Bitcoin: offering data recovery services to salvage coins from damaged hard drives, mobile phones and other storage mediums. SYTECH is accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for its services, and offering a 5% discount to any client who pays in Bitcoin. In a world first, SYTECH has announced a stolen Bitcoin tracing and recovery service; turning its decades of digital forensics expertise to tracing online Bitcoin criminals and recovering stolen Bitcoin for their clients.

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Although not yet advertised on the SYTECH website, the company is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for any and all services rendered. Clients who pay in Bitcoin will receive a 5 percent discount: the forward thinking Digital Forensics Company is seeking to hold Bitcoin and embrace the numerous benefits of accepting Bitcoin over traditional payment methods.

SYTECH is registered with the UK Register of Expert Witnesses, is Bond Solon Courtroom Trained and Sweet & Maxwell checked. The company will work with clients in both the Corporate and Private sectors to trace and recover stolen Bitcoin and identify the perpetrator(s). If anyone has the proven track record and digital forensic skills to bring Bitcoin cyber criminals to justice it is SYTECH.

As the diversity of offerings and liquidity of the global Bitcoin ecosystem continues to grow, it is not surprising to see a well-established, reputable and professional company such as SYTECH aggressively target the Bitcoin space. SYTECH’s world class stolen Bitcoin recovery service is a world first; a major contribution to the professionalism and stability of the Bitcoin space. With evermore professional Bitcoin companies commencing operations worldwide demand for enterprise level Bitcoin recovery services is projected to rise and forward thinking SYTECH is well positioned to dominate this emerging and important niche of the global Bitcoin ecosystem.

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