Detailed View of a Memory Chip

Advanced Forensic Chip-Off Examinations – BlackBerry 9900, 9320, Samsung Galaxy, Moto G, BlackBerry Models & Android and many more – Examined on a daily basis to extract hidden and protected evidential case data

Data from some phones cannot be extracted by ‘regular’ means such as PIN/Password protected BlackBerry’s, Pattern protected Android devices, broken & damaged or smashed mobile phones.

Chip-off is a process we have perfected over the years which uses a number of tools and techniques to access and decode the data that is essential to a lot of criminal cases.

This is particularly useful when it comes to recovering case evidence from pin-locked or password protected BlackBerry devices (including the 9320 and 9900 models to recover deleted data) and damaged SSD (Solid State Hard-Drives) & USB Flash drives.

Android eMMC Chip-Off

Android Chip-Off




SYTECH is one of the longest serving providers performing Forensic Chip-Off for numerous Police Forces across the Country on a regular basis with an extremely high ongoing success rate.


As mobile devices continue to bring new challenges Chip Off examination warrants close attention, as it offers deeper data access, the ability to bypass lock codes, and a way to recover data from damaged devices.


The process involves the removal of the memory chip from the handsets circuit board, data is then extracted using specialist equipment.


From the memory chip data, both the live and deleted contents are carved out and extracted, including but not limited to:


Contacts, call data, SMS, MMS, BBM (BlackBerry Messaging) conversations, IM (Instant Messaging) Chat, multimedia (images, videos & audio), emails, web history,  applications (all data), locational data and associated SIM data.




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