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Mobile Phone Forensics

Today’s Mobile Phone Devices contain an invaluable wealth of data – all forensically accessible by the Expert Digital Forensics techniques offered by Sytech.

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Cell-site Analysis

With almost every member of the UK population permanently now carrying a Mobile Phone Device, a whole host of evidence can be used to assist in a case.

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Computer Forensics

Sytech provide industry-leading digital forensics analysis of all formats of Computer & Internet based data.  There’s very little that isn’t possible.


At Sytech we use our highly tuned Digital Forensics expertise to identify and analyse the ‘digital fingerprints’ left by almost everything that takes place – from perfectly normal everyday pursuits to that of complex criminal activity.

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Your case can be considerably enhanced and in many instances unequivocally proven with the leading edge evidence produced through our Digital Forensics.

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Civil Litigation

In the very diverse world of Civil Litigation, Digital Forensics plays a substantial part in obtaining and evaluating evidence.

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Corporate Services

In the ever changing world of Corporate Services, Digital Forensics plays a substantial part by assisting in incident response as well as obtaining and evaluating evidence.

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Private Services

From investigating suspicious behaviour to providing data recovery, Sytech work with individuals across the UK – it’s all about giving you peace of mind.

We Can Offer You

Expert assistance with all aspects of litigation involving computer, electronics, telecommunications and IT systems serving any application and involving all technologies. Previous experience covers Digital Forensics used in civil, criminal and employment tribunal cases. All work undertaken regardless of size. From simple affidavit statement to covert undercover employee service.

Established in 1978 with over 5000 Digital Forensics based cases handled to date.  Learn more about us

Our Recent Commendations

“I speak very highly of SYTECH as we continue to be impressed by the work they complete for us. It has always been on top form”

Dorset Police – 2015
Digital Forensics Manager

“I personally think that the work you carry out for us is invaluable and we will continue to use SYTECH as the service, speed and flexibility we have received from Simon Lang and Team have been superb. I endeavour to promote SYTECH to other areas of business”

West Mercia Police
Force Serious and Organised Crime Unit

“In my view of this case, the prospect of a positive outcome would have been significantly impared without the expertise of yourself in the witness box. The significance of SYTECH varies with the circumstances of each investigation and the evidence which supports the cell site analysis. I would recommend the use of your services in any future investigation I appreciate your professionalism and positive outlook on a case that could have gone either way.”

Greater Manchester Police

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